If you have a small, medium, or large scale project I can help you.  My development process is second to none.  Over the years I have developed a highly organized system that allows me to complete projects on time and bug-free.  Time is money, and if your project isn’t completed on time then you are losing money that your website could have brought in.  Nobody wants a website or application with broken features.  Quality control is a huge part of the process and I always test each feature completely before launching a website.


Design is an essential part of any website. A great design shows your customers that you value your website and that they should value it also. Most of your visitors will make a decision about your website in the first 5 seconds. Make an impression on your potential customers and turn them in to life long clients. I design websites with conversion in mind. I have studied the best practices on design and usability that effect conversion.

Online Marketing

I provide a wide array of online marketing services. If you have no online marketing strategy developed, I can build your campaigns from start to finish. Whether it’s an email marketing campaign, affiliate marketing campaign, or PPC marketing campaign, I can assist you in making your online marketing efforts effective and profitable.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the best way to bring in free search engine traffic. Optimizing your website for search engines has evolved over the years. Keeping up with the current trends takes hours and hours of research and experimentation. I am constantly analyzing the latest data to evolve my SEO strategies. I can get your website to the top of the search engines using ethical methods that will ensure you do not get removed from search engine results pages.

“Wayden is an incredible Web Developer and his professional expertise is extraordinary. Wayden is fantastic to work with; he is always helpful and prompt with responses, he has a keen eye to assist in troubleshooting issues and is extremely dependable. By far, Wayden is a true asset to the team and is a great colleague!”

- Jill Costello, Ad Agency Director

“Simply put, Wayden is a great developer. He is capable of turning any business request into code, he is able to automate tasks to increase efficiency, and he is always willing to start a new project no matter how complicated it may be. The complex lead management system that Wayden built from scratch in a short period of time is proof of Wayden's amazing programming abilities.”

- Jesus Buenrostro, Webmaster

“Wayden is a very talented developer. Anything you have an idea for, he can build. He's very logical and analytical with his work. I've watched him build our Lead Distribution/Management System from ground up in a matter of weeks. Without that sophisticated system, our Lead Gen division could not have thrived like it has. I would highly recommend Wayden.”

- John Dang, Advertising Sales Executive

“Wayden did a great job from start to finish with's product price comparison section. He was extremely quick to respond to any tweaks and changes to the site and was always available. I would definitely work with him again.”

- Matt Latimer,

I Upgraded to a Quad Monitor setup

Previously I had 2 24″ monitor setup but I found that I was constantly alt-tabbing to view other windows.  Now you may ask,  how can you even use 4 monitors.  Well, when I develop or design I have one screen for the editor or photoshop, one screen for the specifications, one screen for the FTP… [Read More]

Relaunch of

I am proud to announce the relaunch of I felt it was time to update the site to showcase my new talents and the work I have done for my clients. Previously I was using a template to save time designing the site, but this time I took greater effort and designed 100% of… [Read More]