About Me

I love building successful websites from the ground up.  Whether it’s for clients or for myself, I love turning a vision into a reality.  I have taken a 30 minute meeting with a client and turned it into a million dollar business in less than a month.

I am highly organized with my processes.  I personally document everything that I do and everything that I plan to do.  All of my tasks are organized on a sprint sheet and I use the SCRUM methodology which keeps me on task and helps me meet all deadlines.

I consider web development and online marketing a fast evolving science.  What works today, may not work tomorrow, so I am constantly researching the latest trends.  I am also running my own experiments to try to get ahead of the game..

I have a long history with computers.  I created my first program in 1988 at the age of 8.  It was using the Logo language and ever since then I have been hooked.  I built my first computer at the age of 10.  I logged on to my first Bulletin Board System at the age of 11.  At age 12 I was on the Internet and by age 13 I had already developed my first profitable website and received my first affiliate check.  Developing, designing, marketing and SEO are more than a job for me, they are a passion.

Let my experience and expertise work for you.  I only take a limited number of clients so I can give them my full attention.  Contact me today while I am still accepting clients.

“Wayden is an incredible Web Developer and his professional expertise is extraordinary. Wayden is fantastic to work with; he is always helpful and prompt with responses, he has a keen eye to assist in troubleshooting issues and is extremely dependable. By far, Wayden is a true asset to the AffiliatePrograms.com team and is a great colleague!”

- Jill Costello, Ad Agency Director

“Simply put, Wayden is a great developer. He is capable of turning any business request into code, he is able to automate tasks to increase efficiency, and he is always willing to start a new project no matter how complicated it may be. The complex lead management system that Wayden built from scratch in a short period of time is proof of Wayden's amazing programming abilities.”

- Jesus Buenrostro, Webmaster

“Wayden is a very talented developer. Anything you have an idea for, he can build. He's very logical and analytical with his work. I've watched him build our Lead Distribution/Management System from ground up in a matter of weeks. Without that sophisticated system, our Lead Gen division could not have thrived like it has. I would highly recommend Wayden.”

- John Dang, Advertising Sales Executive

“Wayden did a great job from start to finish with SurfShop.com's product price comparison section. He was extremely quick to respond to any tweaks and changes to the site and was always available. I would definitely work with him again.”

- Matt Latimer, SurfShop.com

I Upgraded to a Quad Monitor setup

Previously I had 2 24″ monitor setup but I found that I was constantly alt-tabbing to view other windows.  Now you may ask,  how can you even use 4 monitors.  Well, when I develop or design I have one screen for the editor or photoshop, one screen for the specifications, one screen for the FTP… [Read More]

Relaunch of WaydenEnciso.com

I am proud to announce the relaunch of WaydenEnciso.com. I felt it was time to update the site to showcase my new talents and the work I have done for my clients. Previously I was using a template to save time designing the site, but this time I took greater effort and designed 100% of… [Read More]